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A Special Message From Nicki Keohohou

Nicki Keohohou and USHealth1 President Bill Coleman

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Benefit Bundles


If you’re healthy or just starting out in your business, you don’t need a lot of health insurance. DSWA has customized a package just for you. Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription Assist, Financial Advocacy & Insurance.


Health insurance is confusing. Especially, if you don’t have a lot of pre-existing health challenges. DSWA has designed a full suite of limited medical products for you and your family, that gives you broader coverage at an affordable price.


Large insurance carriers worry about this product. If you or someone you know has 10 or more W-2 employees, the pricing is 23-34% lower than brand name group coverage. DSWA – USHealth1 provides its small business members, large corporate benefits. Lock-in premiums, lower deductibles, a larger pool to mitigate risks.

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